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Why put off until tomorrow what you can have done today? Stop procrastinating. You and I both know how long that gutter has been hanging from the eve of your roof. It’s got plants growing from it already. And how about that fence your dog keeps escaping from? The bottom of the fence boards have been rotting out and created an escape route. Let us fix that before things get worse. Preventative and predictive maintenance are foreign subjects to most property owners but not for us. At Chore-ology® LLC we’re experts at repairing things like those mentioned above and then developing a preventative maintenance plan to keep it from occurring in the future. Give us a call and we’ll tell you where we can assist to bring your property up to snuff.


Repair & Renovation FAQ

Our repair person is able to do many things! For example, he can fix squeaks in flooring, re-stretch wrinkled carpet, patch holes in various substrates such as drywall and wood, paint walls and varnish wood, re-build fences, repair siding, pour concrete walkways, install trim and cabinets, replace window glass, patch leaky roofs, clean gutters, clean dryer vents, unclog toilets, hang shelves and pictures, repair decks, move furniture, haul trash, fix appliances, mow lawns. And the list goes on…

While we have many skills there are certain things that we’re not permitted to do by law. For example: We cannot perform electrical or plumbing work. Both of these areas require specialized certifications and training that are highly protected and for good reason. Where needed, we’ll be happy to refer you to properly certified individuals that specialize in these areas.

Our repair person is a RRP certified renovator and has been properly trained to control and contain construction debris while performing repairs or renovating. If the area needing to be repaired contains lead based paint, varnish or other coatings, and we need to disturb it in any way, we’ll ensure that the dust and debris are properly contained, treated and cleaned up so that none of your family comes into contact with it. Lead is dangerous to everyone but especially to children and pets, and we take our duty to contain this very seriously. Likewise, we promise to always dispose of lead waste as hazardous waste so that we are not contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Yes! We will happily respond to emergencies after regular business hours. However, please be aware that we charge double-time for work performed outside of our 8am to 5pm schedule.

We prefer to focus on the value of our customer service, our extensive training and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, to answer your question precisely, we generally charge our clients based upon the hour in addition to adding a small trip charge based upon their location and then add on any parking fees incurred if we need to park on the street. Of course, we are happy to provide a bid where requested for those clients that require it. Our current rate is $75 per hour.

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