History, they say, is written by the winners.

History is also written by the cleaners. Those who dust and mop and paint and hammer are often privy to what’s going on behind the scenes at some of the most pivotal moments in history because they are doing their work so well that nobody even notices they are there. And on a few rare occasions, the cleaners and handymen even make history, although their parts are always downplayed to let the heroes get the credit. In today’s blog, we say “No more!” and proudly present to you these great, untold moments in cleaning history.*

#1 The Signing of the Magna Carta, 1215: More than 800 years ago, King John of England came to terms with a group of rebellious lords to make peace and establish new individual rights. It nearly went awry when John knocked his pitcher of mead on the document’s only copy. But a quick-thinking chambermaid sprung into action and used the hem of her dress to dab the parchment dry before it could stain, thus giving England new life.

# 2 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, 1776: We all know of this patriot and his desperate horseback journey through Boston and beyond to warn that the British were coming. What most don’t know is the whole event would have been a disaster had it not been for a skilled handyman on duty that nigh. Revere had conscripted Robert Newman, the North Church’s sexton to light a single lantern in the church tower if the British were coming by land and two if they were using boats. In his excitement, Sexton knocked over the second lantern and it fell 100 feet to shatter at the bottom. Fortunately, the on-duty handyman heard the commotion, repaired the lantern, and sprinted it back upstairs to warn the public of those dirty Redcoats. 

#3 The Battle of San Jacinto, 1836: Having lost the Alamo earlier that year, the fledgling Texan army retreated across the landscape towards modern-day Houston with Mexico’s General Santa Anna in hot pursuit. Returning to his tent after lunch, Santa Anna realized his maid had taken ill, and took on her daily tasks of sweeping, changing this sheets, and polishing his combat boots. All that extra effort quickly fatigued him, so he opted for an early-afternoon siesta to freshen up. He ended up sleeping through  the trumpets signalling a Texan surprise attack and his forces suffered the most decisive defeat in the history of the world.

#4 Chore-ology is founded on Mercer Island, 2018: Entering a market craving honest prices and exceptional service, Chore-ology has the desire to make history of its own by serving Puget Sound residents with the best housekeeping, handyman, carpet and upholstery cleaning services around.

*= The above stories are all made up, save the for the last.