Top 5 greatest TV Housekeepers and Handymen

These hard-working men and women are out and about throughout the greater Puget Sound area every single day with the dedication to make your home as clean as the day you moved in, making sure every appliance is in tip-top shape, and every roof is patched, gutter is drained, and every wall covered in a fresh coat of paint. We’re inspired by their efforts, and we started this business to deliver the very best service to our friends, family, neighbors, and customers. But even house cleaning business owners have their heroes; the people that inspired us to become who we are. We watched them in decades gone by filling up our TV screens with their wit, wisdom, teachable moments, and mad skills with a plunger. Here’s a look back at our Top 5 greatest TV Housekeepers and Handymen.

#5 Edna Garrett, “Diff’rent Strokes”: Miss Garrett was such a great housekeeper for Arnold, Willis, and Kimberly that she parlayed it into a job as a housemother for the girls of “The Facts of Life”. Considering how many “very special” episodes “Diff’rent Strokes” churned out over the years, it’s amazing Miss Garrett ever had time to mop Mr. Drummond’s floors.

#4 Alice Nelson, “The Brady Bunch”: We’ll be honest with you here. Until we started writing this blog, we had no idea Alice had a last name on the show. But when you’ve got six Brady kids yammering in your ear all day, you tend to miss a few things. Impressively, Alice made it into all 117 episodes of the show, and was there with the ice pack when Marcia’s previously flawless nose was broken by that darn football.

#3 Nathan Bookman, “Good Times”: Handyman Bookman only appeared in about one-third of the 133 episodes of “Good Times”, but he makes the list solely for his legendary nickname of ‘Buffalo Butt’ assigned to him by Jimmy Walker. 

#2 Florence Johnston, “The Jeffersons”: You have to be one tough cookie to stand up to the constant barrage of George Jefferson’s quips, one-liners, and cut downs, but Florence did just fine while also keeping that “deluxe apartment in the sky” looking in tip-top shape.

#1 Dwayne F. Schneider, “One Day at a Time”: We’re sort of low-balling Schneider by calling him the handyman; his official title was building superintendent. Schneider found himself a look that fit and never deviated for 200 episodes – white T-shirt, blue denim vest, tool belt, dangling keys, black work shoes, blue-jean bell bottoms, and the best TV moustache this side of Magnum PI.