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We’ve got no hard data to support it, but the average time it takes us to get that first stain, crack or spill out of your new and wonderfully upholstered piece of furniture is about 3.1 milliseconds after our service truck pulls into your driveway. Whether it’s leather, suede, wool, acetate, velvet, or linen, your upholstery needs regular cleaning to keep its value. The longer stains remain the more they set in and the harder they are to get out. Finding expert carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Seattle can be tough. That’s why Chore-ology® LLC ensures our professionals are IICRC certified before we let them take a single step onto your property. We combine professionalism, training, and certification to ensure you’ll never have cause to use any other furniture upholstery cleaning services.


Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

The method we use to clean most carpets is hot water extraction, commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”. However, there are times when a different method would be better suited to the occasion. In either case, you can trust that we’ll use the proper method for your situation.

Our staff are trained to understand that vacuuming is the first of several steps in the process of effectively cleaning carpet. Therefore, we always vacuum.

On average, it will take approximately 30 minutes per room to clean. However, this time can vary greatly depending upon the amount of furniture to be lifted, how soiled the carpet is, and whether any spot removal treatments are employed.

You can expect your carpet to be dry to the touch within four hours of cleaning. Of course, this depends upon the temperature of the space being cleaned. The higher the air temperature, the faster the carpet dries.

We prefer to focus upon the value of our customer service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, to accurately answer your question, we charge our clients a set fee based upon a variety of factors such as the square footage of the area needing to be cleaned, the severity of staining, in addition to a small trip charge based upon their location and any parking fees incurred during the time of service. Our current rate is 30 cents per square foot.

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